Dutch WebSDR receiver station for amateur radio.
This WebSDR receiver is located in Weert, in the southern part of The Netherlands, near the Belgium border.
This site is accessible via weert.websdr.nl.
For questions or suggestions you can send an e-mail to info-at-websdr.nl.
Since April 2018, the Chrome browser is reluctant to play audio on WebSDR sites.
If you use Chrome and have no audio on WebSDR sites, then update to the newest version of Chrome. If you can't or don't want to update Chrome, use the following workaround: switch off Chrome's new autoplay policy, by typing chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the navigation bar and changing this setting from Default to No user gesture is required (and restarting the browser).
Thanks to PA3FWM for this solution!

Here you can listen to: (freq. +/- QRM)
Mail to info-at-websdr.nl for additions or corrections.
P.S. Wanted:

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